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Altero Custom Guitars

Wal -Overdrive-

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A pedal brand was born by Shiga's two masters, who were supervised by Altero Custom Guitars and designed by KarDiaN's main designer "Toshikazu Kitada".

The reason why we launched a new brand is because as a guitar maker, we had the belief that we wanted to create the best tone without cutting the original sound of the instrument. The pedals and amplifiers in Japan should not be lacking in the sound we are aiming for. We have launched a pedal brand from Pro Spirits.
The pedals we make are designed to support the original sound of the guitar, so the low that is useful for the acoustic characteristics of the guitar is left as much as possible, and the glitter of the strings is important. However, if you leave too much low and high on the pedal, there are many inconveniences especially when using an amplifier circuit, and the sound itself may become muddy. Designed to make the sound straight from the board using the filter effect calculated from the cross-sectional area and dielectric constant of the wiring material instead, the appearance as a wood tree printed on the pedal surface is a respect for the old sound and a new sound. I express the attitude to challenge through the pedal.


Altero Custom Guitars chose the Walnut walnut tree as its design concept this time.

In terms of sound, "Walnut" has excellent workability as wood because it can add warm and clear overtones from bass to treble to the instrument.ut"。
In order to express this image with pedals, we tuned the sound with Kar DiaN's main designer "Toshikazu Kitada".た。
Warm drive sound reminiscent of a tube amp and a variety of sound variations that change with the Air switch。
An effector that combines the simple operability of a compact pedal with the fun of sound making.

That is 『Wal』
『Wal』 made it with a thorough focus on low-gain umami.
The feature is that the drive sound that is distorted and distorted is added from the high range according to the picking nuance of the guitar.。
From the loose distortion that entwines the bass strings at low gain to the slightly hysterical high-frequency distortion at high gain, you will be able to experience a unique sound.
And the Air switch, which is the biggest feature of this unit, can make the sound of saturation in the high range even more, and it is possible to experience the adjustment of the presence area, which is often found in amp motif pedals, even in the overdrive Wal. rice field.
The design is alumite of the machined aluminum housing in bright sapphire blue, and the surface adopts a luxurious satin finish. The laser engraving is not only luxurious but also has the property of not wearing when used on the stage. I carved the tree of "Walnut" as a design.


< AIR >

It is possible to adjust the saturation of the high range。

--H (High)

A sound with a clear and clear top end.。

--M (Mid)

It will be an intermediate saturation of this unit.。

--L (Low)

It is an overdrive sound with a mild high range while maintaining the sound omission.。


Input impedance 1MΩ
Output impedance 10kΩ
Switching method true bypass
Connection terminal 1/4 inch standard phone jack 2 (input / output)
Power supply method 9V center minus DC power supply (battery-enabled 9V type 006P type)
Current consumption 9mA
Dimensions Width (W) 70 mm Depth (D) 120 mm Height (H) 57 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
Weight 320gg
JAN code 45898255210211
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